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Group school buying

Group and School Buying

For every personalised book you add to your shopping cart after your first, we offer discounts of 5% for the second book, up to 20% off on your fifth childrens book. If you purchase more than 40 books in the same order, we can offer you 25% off per every book and assist you in the book creation of your order. For more information on this offer, please reach us at hello_uk@mymagicalnumbers.com

To help you understand this better,

How discount rules work?

The discount increases depending the amount of books you purchase.
1st book: full price 
2nd book: 5% discount off of the second book 
3rd book: 10% discount off of the third book 
4th book: 15% discount off of the fourth book 
from the 5th to 39th book: 20% discount off on each of these books

More than 40 books: 25% discount on each book (exclusively on orders fulfilled by My Magic Story team)

If you are willing to purchase more than 25 books, please contact us by email so we can assist you on the creation of the books, personalization and order. Contact us via email and we will give you some more details.

Which books qualify for the discount?

When ordering directly, with less than 25 books, you can apply the discounts for the books sold in the same site and book title. But, when ordering more than 25 books and asking for our team to assist you on the creation and completion of your group order, you can choose from any of the books of My Magic Story (such as The Magic of my Name, My Magical Numbers or The Magic of FC Barcelona)

How do I make a group order of more than 25 books with the My Magic Story team?

Contact us at hello_uk@mymagicalnumbers.com, and we will send you a form to fill out all the information needed to create the personalised books for each kid (asking for the name, date, title of the book, dedication, etc..)

How do I pay a bulk transaction?

You can pay either through Paypal, using your credit card or paypal account, we will send you a direct link to pay for the complete order. 

What are the shipping options

Shipping options are the same indicated for regular orders. We can offer you express shipping with tracking options depending your destination.

All standard Terms and Conditions apply.

Let the magic be with you!